Dude Wipes Review

Superior to the rest.

I’ve attempted every one of the brands of flushable wipes. The majority of them either had an excessively finished outline or just nearly appeared to be harsh. Dude wipes have an impeccable surface that doesn’t trouble my butt. Besides they’re bigger than most wipes and that assists a considerable measure as well. I def. suggest these.

Innovative All Natural & Sustainable Wipe MaterialDUDE SIZED
25% Larger Than Other Butt Wipes ALCOHOL & PARABEN FREE
Because Nasty Dumps Don’t Need Nasty IngredientsFLUSH’EM ANYWHERE
Certified to Flush and Disperse Like Toilet Paper by Scientist DUDES FRAGRANCE FREE
So You Don’t Get Blindsided by a Buttload of LavenderSOOTHING ALOE & VITAMIN E
To Protect Your Sensitive Sides

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